Saturday, October 29, 2011

Susan B Komen Race Recap

After getting a parking spot and waiting 45 minutes for the shuttle, I made it to the starting area. It was mass chaos with over 20,000 people running and walking the 3.1 miles. After I found a hole to get through I followed a few other runners making a path around the walkers. We cut through ditches across driveways and sidewalks then back to the street and in the middle of the fray.
I'm feeling good, going at a good pace at almost a mile in. I'm thinking that "Hey I think I'll be able to run this whole thing." This is where life says not so fast. I go to go around some walkers and bam pavement. They ask if I'm all right and I think I am. I have a bit of road rash on my left leg, a little twinge in my right foot/ankle, no problem. I run about another half mile and my foot is hurting more now. So I walk a bit, then do a light jog, then right back to walking. A bit further and I'm thinking my foot is really starting to hurt now. I keep trudging on, because shoot if I stop I still have to walk back to shuttle pick up. A navy squad(?) comes running up behind me. They're chanting and it's so motivational that I decide to follow them in for the last half mile or so. I cross the finish line at 43:02, ugh, 5 minutes slower then my last race.
As I'm waiting for my turn at the porta jon my foot is really throbbing and I'm starting to think I may of done some damage to it. I hobble around and grab some water, a half a banana and some freebies. The pain is getting worse. I go up to the shuttle pick up and wait there for the next bus. When we get to the parking lot I get off the bus and hobble up to m van, biting my lip and grimacing the whole way.
Driving home is painful and when I get home Hubby is waiting outside for me. He says he wants to see me walk(I've already called and told him about the fall). I go to get out and my foot will bear absolutely no weight. I'm whimpering and finally he comes over to assist me to the house. I sit on the couch, ease my shoe off and see that my foot is swollen and already bruised.
So yea I've done something to it. Consulting with dr. google comes up with a possible 5th metacarpal fracture. However since er visits and xrays are very expensive, I'm trying to hold out for a bit to see if it's not a very bad sprain.
So my foot is wrapped and elevated. I can keep weight off of it thanks to Hubby's crutches from when he broke his foot 5 years ago. Also, I'm thinking 43 minutes isn't bad since I finished injured like I was. I'm a beast.