Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, check

I did do some ab work. I did: 2x25 crunches on the swiss ball, 15 berry pickers, 2x15 bridges(on swiss ball), I did 2x15/60lbs on ab twist machine, 2x20 ab crunch machine.
For arms I did: 1x15/10lbs bicep curls, 1x15/10lbs hammer curls, 1x 15/10lbs tricep extensions. 15 pushups, 2x15/40lbs tricep machine.
Also did 11 minutes on the stationary bike.
Food-wise, I could of done better, could of done worse. I'm not fretting it too much today. My foot is super tender, but I woke up with it feeling that way so it's nothing I did walking on campus or at the gym. It kinda feels like someone is constantly stomping on it. Not hurting too bad, but not too pleasant either.