Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Sore

I'm extra super glad that my foot is sprained not broken. I hate these crutches. I'm sure I'm not doing something right so I've been reading and searching for tips to make sure I know the proper mechanics of crutch usage. The only thing I can figure is that the handgrips are not quite right. These are Hubby's crutches from like 5 years ago. His arms are a bit longer then mine. We adjusted them for height but didn't adjust arm length. So tonight I had Hubby adjust the handgrips for my arms and now hopefully I can use them without continuing to kill my biceps. I swear I have a permanent bruise on my right bicep. I dread getting up because of the pain. I cannot yet walk on my foot, I tried. That hurts too. I can put some weight on it, but when I go to take a step pain shoots up from my toes then my ankles.
I hope I get better soon, I don't do injured well.