Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raiding the Pantry

I'm shopping out of the Pantry for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. So far I think we're having:

  • Applesauce pie
  • Cranberry Sauce Meringue Pie
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Fruit Salad,
  • Wild Rice stuffing,
  • Green Bean Casserole,
  • Dinner rolls,
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy,
  • and of course the Turkey.

I'm going to add another vegetable side dish or two to the menu as well. My plan is to cook enough that I don't have to actually cook again till about Sunday night. I'm going to try to make everything as healthy as possible. However, I don't fret over healthy too much during holiday meals. It's not a way we eat all the time and an occasional splurge doesn't hurt anything. As long as you don't overeat. So I'm planning on trying to stopping when my belly is full and not eating again until I'm hungry. I also plan on getting everyone outside tomorrow since it's suppose to be a better day then today.