Sunday, November 6, 2011

Plans for the Week

My plan for this week is:

Monday; abs and arms
  • I'm going to get on one of the swiss balls and do some ab exercises. There are some good ideas HERE.
  • Then I plan on bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep extensions and kickbacks until I can't lift another ounce.
  • Cardio is going to be super easy, just 10-15 minutes on stationary bike. I'm not trying to push my ankle at all. I do need some cardio to encourage weight loss and hopefully not lose any endurance.
Tuesday; Legs and back
  • Legs will be squats, leg extensions, leg curls, abductor and adductor machines. Nothing were I have to push against anything.
  • Back will be rows, pulldowns, back extension, pullup, dumbbell shrug, bentover rows.
  • Cardio will also be 10-15 minutes on the stationary bike.
Wednesday; Shoulders and abs (this Wednesday my time available for the gym is limited, but I should still be able to get a minimum of 45 minutes in there)
  • Shoulders will be military press, chest press, lateral raises and pushups(knees down)
  • Abs will be the ab machines, crunches, captains chair
  • Cardio will be 10-15 minutes on stationary bike.
Thursday; Thursdays right now I have my fitness class and so this days workout will be whatever the trainers decide. I think there are only two more classes left so after Thanksgiving I'll be planning my workouts for Thursdays again.

Meal plans;
Well, since I only cook 3 out of 5 days a week right now I'm not in control of dinners or what foods are in the house. Hubby has been doing the majority of the grocery shopping and there are a lot of convenience foods in the house. However I can choose what I eat for breakfasts and lunches and snacks so here are my ideas for those:

Breakfasts: eggs(poached or hard boiled), toast(whole grain bread), grits
Lunches: sandwiches (either peanut butter or ham), veggie soups (homemade quickies), hard boiled eggs, homemade biscuits
Snacks: coffee(black) and fruit or yogurt, both bought on campus. The bad thing about choosing the yogurt is the campus only either has yoplait or their yogurt parfait. Both which have added sugar. However, since there are worse choices that could be made I'm not going to fret over the added sugar too much.

Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away and I need to be going over my recipes and making the necessary changes to them. I also need to be planning my budget for this holiday. I think I'll do this throughout this week and cross-post between here and Jackie's Junk Drawer. I'm doing NaBloPoMo over there so if your curious about anything else going on in my simple life drop by there.