Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer is kicking in full gear

It's hot here in the mid-south. We have hit triple digits, not the first time this year that was back in the beginning of June. It just seems that it's hotter this time around.  So I'm trying to make sure I get most of my workouts and outdoor stuff in before 10am.  Today that didn't go though. I got my run in 30 minutes later then usual (a lot more traffic at 7 then 6-630am around here). I meant to come in cool off, fix breakfast and then do my weights work out.  Well I came in cooled off, fixed breakfast and then started checking facebook, emails, class work and by the time I got done with that it was noon and time to fix lunch.  Then I got sleepy, I think the heat of the day added with the boring lecture I watched for class was the cause for that.
So I'll be doing my workout after dinner today. Still going to do it and I've got a big one planned. Off the top of my head it consists of:
dumbbell squats with ball
adductors (using  band)
step ups
pull downs
tricep extensions
hammer curls
concentration curls
seated cable rows
and more but I've not got my paper in front of me.  It should be a good hour long workout. I'll love it when I'm through, I'm sure.
I'll post tomorrow's workout in the morning. Tomorrow's not a running day for me so I'll probably do some yardwork during that time frame instead.  Have a great evening everyone. Stay cool, stay active.