Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 7/31/2011

Today's work out is brought to you from It's their 300 reps of brutality workout. It's amazing and you start to feel it just a short time into the workout. I'm not feeling the best today (got some sinus thing going on) so I'm spreading the workout through out the afternoon. If I can do 2 sets of each exercise at a time, I'm good. I plan on picking up the pace this week. I don't have a week of driving 3 hrs a day like last week and the only thing I have to do away from the house is Wednesdays school registration for the kiddies. So I'm running on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Thursday I'll do upper body workouts. Tuesday and Friday I'll work the lower body. Wednesday and Saturday I'll do total body (pilates?) workouts. Sunday I'll rest. I've got 20 days till my 5k and due to last weeks craziness I'm a week behind in training. So instead of 3 days of running, I'm doing 4. Instead of exercising 5 days a week, I'm doing 6.
So for today hop over to and take a lookie at their 300 reps of brutality video. Give it a try. It consists of:
lunge and twist; 5 sets of 10
Dive Bomper Burpee; 5 sets of 10
Jumping lunge and swing; 5 sets of 10
Planck, jump and knee tuck; 5 sets of 10
Sumo squats; 5 sets of 20