Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday.

Today's weigh-in I have mixed feelings about. Some of my measurements have had no change compared to those I took at the end of May. The rest have small decreases. I have to think though, Most of June I did nothing. I didn't workout, I didn't even attempt to eat right. I'm pretty lucky, I guess to have any changes at all and that the changes are not increases. For my measurements the ones I marked as no change most of those did have some change (all were decreases) but if it was less then 1/2 an inch I counted it as no change. So here is what I found this morning:
Weight; 180 (yes up a pound, it is that time of month and I'm retaining some water so I'm not upset about this)
Neck; no change
Shoulders; no change
Chest; no change
Waist; down 1/2"
Hips; down 1"
Thighs; down 1"
Calves; no change
Biceps; no change
Arms; no change

Some of those I would of swore had big changes, especially my arms. I can see my biceps and shoulders popping out a bit when I workout. I hate that I let a month slide by, think of how great these numbers would of been. You always feel guilt if you don't work out, you never feel guilt if you do. That is my motto for those days when I feel like I just don't want to move. Today was gonna be one of those days until I saw those numbers, now I'm going to rock my workout. There are NO good excuses...