Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday...but on Thursday

Sorry I'm a day late. The past week has been crazy with running my son to his civil air patrol activities. Between that and trying to keep up with my classwork my hopes for the week just didn't pan out. So I'm going to start planning out next week. Tired of floundering and need to get my schedule straight.
So here's this week's results.
Weight; 177, down 3lbs from last week. I knew last weeks gain was just water.
Neck; up 0.8"
Shoulders; down 0.3"
Chest; down 0.2"
Waist; down 0.3"
Hips; up 0.1"
Thighs; down 0.3"
Calves; down 0.2"
Biceps; up 0.2"
Arms; down 0.2"
all for a total of 0.4 inches lost.
Normally I would of ignored the small numbers but I was curious to see where they added up to see if I could tell where the 3lb lost came from. So for this week a 3lb weight loss equals only nearly 1/2 an inch in size. Well, a loss is a loss no matter how big or small. I'll take what I can get.
So later today I'll post today's workout. I will do one, I'm just not sure what I'll do just yet. I've been up since 4:30 and running around since 5:30. I'm about to eat a snack of eggs and cheese because my energy is dragging already and I've got a whole day ahead of me to go.